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Touring with DC Ducks

April 2, 2010

Ever been out on the DC mall and heard the “quack quack” of the DC Ducks tour and thought to yourself, “Wow, that is embarrassing”?  Well, you may be missing out if you don’t go on a Duck Tour at least once while you’re in DC.  It is so unabashedly dorky that it is actually one of the funnest ways to tap into your inner tourist and explore the area.

You’ll ride on a restored 1942 WWII DUKW (“duck”) amphibious truck, which means you ride ONE truck that can switch between land and water.  The tour leaders tell cheesy jokes, blow their duck-beak whistles, and give you the facts and history of DC.

DC Ducks starts out at Union Station and takes you to the monuments and museums on the mall, and then the tour takes an aquatic spin as you get a tour from the Potomac River.  The tour wraps up at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Tickets are $31.50, which is expensive, but I still highly recommend it.  Get a group of friends together, bring a camera, wear a fanny pack, ankle-high white socks, sandals, and an “I ♥ DC” shirt, and embrace being a tourist.

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