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DIY: Decorative & Handy Ceramic Platters

April 3, 2010

Ceramic Platters with Chalkboard Center, Set of 2

Unfortunately, these bad boys from PotteryBarn are no longer available —however, even if they were, why pay those annoying shipping costs and brand name price tags (cough~$99~cough) when you can just make it yourself?!  After all, this project really only involves two materials:

    1) chalkboard paint
    2) 1 or 2 white ceramic platters of varying shapes and sizes (like this one and this one from Target)

Ok, you also need a paintbrush, painters tape, and some plate hangers, but those don’t really count… 😉

Another equally fabulous option is to opt out of the ceramic platter option and grab a cheap silver tray, such as this great DIY idea from Apartment Therapy.

2.23.10 tray 1.jpeg

Although these options demonstrate two great functions for these chalkboard beauties: a) notes, b) displaying a favorite saying or quote… we’ve also thought of a number of additional purposes they could serve in your home:

  • menu display: display in an eat-in kitchen or informal dining room as a way to provide guests with a cute way of telling them what they can expect on the dinner table
  • study aid: hang in a home-office or children’s room as a great way to test yourself on important study material–added bonus: environmental (think of all those notecards and scraps of paper saved from the landfills)
  • lists: shopping lists, to-do lists…and the list keeps going
  • message board: remember those whiteboard easels you bought in college to put on your dorm room?  Well…we do. Leave a message for a roommate, babysitter, or loved one!

These are just a few ideas!  We would love to hear any additional ideas you guys have 🙂

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