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Get Your Groove On with Free Online Music

April 3, 2010

If you’re like me, you always have iTunes up while you’re working on your computer (which, sadly, is far too often!)  But if you’re a total music junkie, it gets expensive to constantly buy songs.  Plus, with iTunes, you’re limited to music you already know.  And isn’t part of the fun of music discovering new artists and songs?  You might turn to radio as a substitute, but with radio, you have to wait through radio host babble, commercials, and songs you don’t necessarily like.

Grooveshark Set-Up & Interface:

Online music sites are the perfect solution.  There are a ton of sites out there, but my personal favorites are still Pandora and Grooveshark.  Pandora is an online radio system where you create your own personalized radio station based on an artist or song you like.  You rate songs and the radio station edits itself to suit your tastes.  Grooveshark is this, but better (in my opinion.)  It is a customized radio station as well, but unlike Pandora, it lets you listen to any song when you want to.  In other words, if you have want to listen to an old Goo Goo Dolls number right then and there, you can with Grooveshark, but you can’t with Pandora.  With Grooveshark you can also select an album and listen to it, just as if you owned it.  You can make your own playlists with Grooveshark, but I recommend letting the site choose what it plays for you so that you can discover new songs you’re bound to love.

If you want a quick but REALLY GOOD party playlist, is simply the best.  The site’s strength is its dance tunes, and since you stream the songs straight from the website, it just couldn’t be easier to get a great party soundtrack going.  Some of the staple playlists are “Top 25” (updated often), “Classic 50”, “Power Hour”, and “After Party”.  You can also find 80’s and 90’s music, songs to work out to, or even a “Study Mix.”  There are endless playlists for you to peruse, and ones like “Broin’ Out” and “Porch Drinkin'”  are sure to take you back to your college days, or at least give you a good laugh!

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