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Pint-Size Poetry and Fiction

April 3, 2010

Reading is one of the greatest pleasures, but honestly, by the time you’ve suffered through a long, draining day of work, made dinner, caught up on the news, talked to friends, taken care of errands and a million other things, do you really have the focus or energy to work on finishing a 300-page novel?  If you used to be a book-lover but just don’t have the time to read for pleasure anymore, Inch Magazine may be the answer.

Inch is a pint-size literary magazine from Bull City Press in Durham, NC, that features tiny poems and short stories by hot new authors that you should keep an eye on.  It is only 8 pages long and measures 5.5″ x 4.25″, so you can easily stick it in your purse or briefcase and carry it around with you until you have a few minute of free time.  The best sell though?  Each issue is only $1.00.

The magazine itself is elegantly printed with a surprisingly well-done layout given the diminutive size.  It is the perfect gift for the family member or friend who loves to read but rarely has the time, or for someone who has a daily commute on the metro.  It also makes a great stocking stuffer come Christmas!

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