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How to Make Your Own Gourmet Pizza

April 3, 2010

Love pizza?  You’ll be one step closer to making your own gourmet-style pizza if you buy a pizza stone, which is a flat stone or piece of ceramic that you stick in the oven to help evenly distribute the heat and mimic a true chef’s brick oven.  They also come in marble, but I think the stone ones are a better deal, and I swear they soak up moisture better, which gives your pizza crust a super delicious crunch.

You can find a pizza stone at most kitchen stores and some department stores, but a high-quality and inexpensive one I recommend is this one that is $16.99 from Target:

The pizza stone is easy to use, but be sure you don’t wash it with detergent!  It is porous and easily absorbs liquid, so you should only clean it with water and a scrub brush.

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