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When in NYC…

April 17, 2010

Today’s post features our love of Sabon NYC!

Ok, so we know that our blog is supposed to be all about spreading ‘DC’ love (heck, we even have DC in our title), but that does not mean that we will not provide recommendations for products, restaurants, etc. available in other cities.  After all, we love to travel (we even have a page dedicated solely to it) and recognize the fact that not all readers live in the DC area, nor care to read about things that are of no interest to them…duh!  Therefore, we would like to provide information that can be used by all!

Example? Our recent post discussing our love of Penzey’s Spices–which fortunately is available to ALL either at store locations or virtually through an online catalog!  See?  We love all of our readers equally 🙂 get back to the point, we would now like to inform you of another of our favorite finds available in the Big Apple itself (they now have locations in Boston and Chicago as well).  Or, even better, online!  Yes, you read that correctly.

What is it?

According to their website, Sabon NYC’s mission (a bath and body product company is serious if they have a mission statement) is:

To consistently create and offer an unparalleled range of exceptional bath and body products, using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients. We strive to encourage an appreciation of the daily ritual of bath by creating an environment that inspires and captures the imagination, through the visual and sensory experience. We intend to consistently exceed customer expectations by anticipating their needs, desires and dreams, and by offering unrivalled levels of service. Our mission is to bring luxury to the everyday, for everyone.

They talk a lot more about their products  on their website, so definitely go check it out.

Other Reasons Why We Love Them:

All of their bath and body products are:

  • all natural
  • use recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing materials
  • animal-friendly
  • portion of profits go to charity and non-profit organizations

Side Note: We are usually not the biggest fans of bath/body product gifts–mostly because everyone varies in terms of skin sensitivity, fragrance likes/dislikes, and they can be a tad uncreative and boring.  However, in this case, we will reconsider our position!


Body Scrub

The Sabon product that we highly recommend is the Body Salt Scrub. It is by far the best scrub we’ve ever tried, and that’s saying a lot since we both tend to have sensitive skin.  Here’s the description:

The classic Lavender Apple Body Scrub is designed to make your skin gleam no matter how dry or damaged it may be. Used bi-weekly, the body scrub gets rid of dead skin and reveals the fresh layer of skin cells beneath. Using deep sea salt coated in macadamia, almond, and soya bean oils, the body scrub allows for the gentle and smooth removal of dead skin. When the dead skin is removed, newer healthier skin appears in its stead giving you a silkier, more youthful looking complexion. The inclusion of macadamia as an ingredient is what separates Sabon body scrubs from the rest. Macadamia oil contains palmitoleic acid which also occurs naturally in human skin. When you apply it to your body, this acid makes your skin healthier and is among the reasons why Sabon’s is the best body scrub product on the market. No matter what your age or skin color, Lavender Apple Body Scrub will give your skin a beaming glow with a pleasing scent.

And…all the salts come from the Dead Sea! How cool is that?!

The life giving properties of the Dead Sea imbue Sabon’s products with vital minerals and salts. It is through this miraculous and legendary oasis known as the Dead Sea, that we are able to offer an experience of healing to the body.

This product is far superior to ordinary scrubs, usually sugar based, which you might find in other stores.  It leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and moisturized even after rinsing in the shower (especially in those winter months).  It also smells WONDERFUL.  The Lavender Apple scent is our personal favorite!

Although we have not had the pleasure of trying other products from this company (unfortunately), we expect that all of them live up to the same standards.

All the Dirty Details:

Price: $30/large tub—although this might sound expensive, it lasts FOREVER, especially since you only need to use it twice a week and a little goes a long way!  We recommend buying a $1 wooden spoon, which they offer on the website or in stores, as this will make application far easier (i.e. less messy).

Disclaimer: Always be careful with oil based scrubs in the shower, because they can make the floors somewhat slippery!

So…have we convinced anyone out there how much we love Sabon?  We hope so.  After all, we would not bother telling you guys about it if we weren’t serious.  If we have convinced any of you, go check out the store locations to see if one is in your area!  Or, even easier,  just click on the links above and make an order from the website!  You or your lucky recipient will not be disappointed.

Meanwhile, have any readers out there heard of Sabon NYC?  As always, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Laura permalink
    April 18, 2010 6:21 PM

    Why is your header a photo of State and Washington in Chicago? You’ve got a great blog but I’m curious why there’s a photo of my block here in the Midwest on a DC blog. 😛

  2. April 18, 2010 7:36 PM

    Nice eye! We actually have been playing around/switching up the header pictures for a while to get an idea of what type of design we prefer (mostly testing out different city scenes just for aesthetic purposes), because we plan on taking more pictures ourselves after we graduate. The earlier header picture was a supposed “DC’ image we found on Morgue–clearly their search engine is mistaken (although it really does look like a street we know in DC)!

    The current photo is OUR photo of DC; however, we’re not pleased with the current resolution through WordPress. However, you are definitely right, we shouldn’t be having a picture of Chicago up (although it’s a very nice city), so this will have to do for now! Hope this helps.

    Thanks for checking out the blog (and keeping us in check ;))!

    xo Laura & Caroline

  3. April 19, 2010 12:56 PM

    I love it all. Anthro tops are so adorable! I moved from Florida to NC recently and I can’t even get use to the cold weather here. I wouldn’t survive as far north as you are 🙂

    • April 19, 2010 3:35 PM

      We’re so glad to hear you liked it as well! We absolutely LOVE Anthropologie tops, they tend to be so much more creative and original (albeit expensive) than other stores. We love how versatile all the different pieces are. Both casual and can be dressed up for going out 😉

      Thanks for checking out the blog! All your renovations look great, keep up the good work.

      xo Laura & Caroline

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