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June 2, 2010

It has officially been a week since I graduated, so I’ve been trying to get organized (how did I accumulate so much stuff over 4 years??) and get some summer projects going–including ones for the blog!

In terms of blog organization (and life organization, for that matter), I’m reverting to the ol’ binder system.  That’s right.  Paper-based organization at its finest.  I picked up two binders and two sets of tabbed dividers from Staples and am making one a recipe binder and one a binder for design and DIY ideas.

I’m not the best of chefs…in fact, I’ve pretty much lived on cafeteria food and ramen these last 4 years and am kind of a total newbie to real cooking.  My skills don’t go far beyond basic pasta, but this last semester in school I got more into trying recipes with friends and realized cooking isn’t always such a disaster!  Jamie Oliver in particular has become one of my loves.  In more than one way. 😉  Haha, kidding.  Truly though, his recipes are amazing!  I’ve been borrowing my friend’s Jamie Oliver book and plan to buy my own soon, but I still need a way to organize all those random recipes from friends and family, and ones I find on the internet.  Thus, the binder!

I had 8 tabs, so I made them:

  1. Appetizers/Basics
  2. Soups/Salads
  3. Breakfast
  4. Main Courses
  5. Main Courses 2
  6. Desserts
  7. Drinks
  8. Sauces/Dressings

I’m still not sure about how to distinguish between the two “Main Courses” categories…I could have one be for quick and easy food, and one for nicer dinners, or I could separate them by type of food, like Italian and other (I really like Italian food).  I could also just make one be for lunch type of fare, and one for dinners.  Hmm, decisions, decisions!

For the design binder, I’m a bit more lost.  I’m thinking something like this, but I’m really not sure if these categories are the right ones:

  1. Art/Wall Art
  2. Outdoors/Garden
  3. Creative DIY
  4. Room Looks
  5. Parties/Dining
  6. Furniture/Accessories
  7. Gifts
  8. ??

I think it’ll become clearer how to organize all this once I get started.  Hopefully!  So far I’ve just been keeping track of my ideas by saving every image I ever stumble upon as a JPG on my desktop in a folder called “Art/Home.”  It was working fine, until I got close to having 1o0 photos.  I think a better system is definitely in order.

I’m also having fun with two books the two Laura’s gave me (the two Laura’s are the Laura from this blog and my future sister-in-law Laura…I like to call them the Laura’s) before I tackle some true summer reading (I’m thinking I’ll read Meet You In Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Transformed America, but I haven’t fully decided if that’s my first pick of the summer).

The Laura who is my fellow blogger host picked out this fun book by Williams-Sonoma for me as part of a birthday present from last year.  She always had the best food to take with her in college when she was on-the-go, and I wanted some good food besides take-out or snack bars to get me through studying at the library.  I also loveeee breakfast food, so that inspired her to get me this recipe book for muffins.

The recipes are great–cheddar cheese, zucchini, and lemon-poppy muffins, as well as a bunch of ones that curb my chocolate cravings.  The book also has 8 types of coffee cakes (including chocolate coffee cake!) and quick loaf breads, such as apricot bread with hazelnuts.  So good.  And such a great gift!

The other Laura (my awesome future sister-in-law) and my brother got me this book for a graduation present.  It has the most amazing listings for cheap or free things to do in DC (perfect for a post-graduate on a budget) and is great for this blog.  The book covers a ton–cheap ways to score tickets to shows and concerts, summer concert series (like Jazz in the Gardens, which I recently posted on), comedy spots, happy hour hang-outs, beer and wine tastings, great food, thrift stores, museums, sporting events, cheap gardening, and so much more, all for little to nothing.

I may embarrass them with this, but I have to share–they wrote inside the book “If college has taught you anything, it must teach that the best things in life are free–or close to it.”  Sometimes people forget this, and it is so important to remember.

Here’s to the beginning of June!

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  1. June 2, 2010 11:50 AM

    My best friend has a recipe binder, and it works great! Sadly, I’ve still been too lazy to get one of my own. But I need to find that book on cheap DC – I definitely need to focus more on the cheap side of the city!

  2. June 2, 2010 9:27 PM

    Glad to hear your friend has had luck with a recipe binder! I’ve never tried this before, so it could end up being a total disaster, but here’s hoping. I’ll link my post to Amazon to help you find the book 🙂

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