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Scenes of DC: Birthdays Galore

August 4, 2010

The beginning of August always marks the end of a great celebration of family birthdays.  Both my mom and I have birthdays back-to-back, followed by my great uncle the next day, and my cousin two weeks before.  So many chances to celebrate and splurge!  My own birthday was filled with great home-cooked meals, cocktails, a breakfast outing complete with a birthday pancake, as well as a near tornado.  The last part wasn’t so much fun…I definitely didn’t want my birthday to be forever known as the day a tree fell on top of my house.  Crisis averted, thank god.

Check out some of my favorite pictures from my special day below.  In fact, I bought a particular birthday present for myself this summer that I am super excited about.  Any guesses?  Hint: It is directly related to our “Scenes of DC” series.  Guess away!

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