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Blog Update

August 23, 2010

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long break in posting, we’ve missed you all.  Thank you also for the words of encouragement and support!  Unfortunately, we are still working with WordPress to resolve the ‘link’ problem.  This has been incredibly frustrating, but has also led to a lot of brainstorming between the two of us.

We have loved working together and creating this blog over the past few months, and are so excited by any and all feedback on it.  Due to Caroline’s new work and travel schedule (congrats to her for her new great job!), we’ve been struggling to come up with a way to keep youngDCliving up and running.  After all, this blog wouldn’t exist or be the same without both of our inputs and contributions.  As each and every one of you probably knows, one of the best things about blogging, in general, is that you begin to discover your own ‘blogging passions’ throughout the process.  Neither of us are exceptions to this rule.

Since our schedules and jobs are making it increasingly more and more difficult to work on this blog as a team, we’ve decided to shake things up:

The New Changes:

I (Laura) have discovered that what I really enjoy sharing with readers the most are recipes, food-related posts, and my recently discovered love of photography!  While this blog has been taking a short sabbatical, I’ve been in the process of creating a completely new site (self-hosted, much to my technology woes).  While there is definitely some overlap with this blog, for example: sharing my life in DC, as well as some old recipe posts and restaurant reviews, you’ll also be finding some new topics and pages, dedicated to photography, as well as a more easily-navigable recipe page.   In the past, recipe posts have mainly consisted of the food recipe itself, with a little bit of background on the recipe.  In the future, I’m excited to share more of my adventures and (mis)adventures in the kitchen, as well as the stories behind them.

While I’m still in the middle of the process of moving old posts over (individually!) and finalizing the design of the site, I’d be thrilled if you came to check out the new blog.  Check out my “About” page for a brief description and background on what it’s all about, as well as the meaning behind the name!

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  1. August 23, 2010 9:27 PM

    Gah, I’ve missed you girls!! Definitely looking forward to the new blog. I’m almost completely settled in Arlington, so could we schedule a blogger date sometime soon??

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