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Just as with other things, we have two different perspectives, and we hope that between the two of us you’ll find recipes you’ll fall in love with!  Laura is a total foodie and loves to cook, and Caroline is much more your “I cook to live, I don’t live to cook” types.  So between the two of us, you’ll find fun and fancy recipes for the wannabe-chef, and basic go-to recipes for people who want good food fast, with little food prep time required.  We’ll also bring you advice on what to buy, where to shop, helpful kitchen tools, and more!

DC-area restaurant reviews can be found on our “DC Wining & Dining” page!  Be sure to check them out…


Our Favorite Recipes

Laura’s Recipes

Caroline’s Recipes

  • Banana Milkshake–easiest recipe of all time—takes about, oh, I don’t know, a minute?
  • Gin Bucket–the perfect drink to serve at a party on a hot summer day


Caroline and Laura’s Cooking Tips & Tricks

Helpful Kitchen Tools

Where to Buy and Where to Shop

  • Penzey’s–meet the “spice” motherload, available online or in nation-wide stores
  • Organic Dairy–what/where to buy and why it matters!

Other Tips

  • Recipe Binder–a basic but helpful way to organize all your recipes


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